Industries we Service

We service a variety of industries and meet specific needs within each industry. Our industry specialists provide unique solutions and technologies to service our customers within these different environments.

24/7 Monitoring

Alarm Systems

Security Guards

Access Control

Electric Fencing

Armed Response

CCTV Cameras

Off-Site Monitoring

Motion Sensors

Thermal Imaging

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Residential  Property

Protect your family, your home and your belongings. Complete alarm systems with indoor and outdoor motion sensors or camera systems connected to our control room for 24/7 monitoring and armed response.

Shopping Malls

We provide complete solutions for shopping malls as well as individual solutions for individual retail stores.  Our solutions range from alarm systems for shops to CCTV monitoring of service areas, parking areas and walkways.

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Commercial  Industry

Within the commercial and industrial industry we provide all our services including live monitoring of critical areas such as production lines.

Agricultural Industry

Within the agricultural industry we offer additional services such as off-site monitoring and solar powered systems where electrical supply is not available.

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Mining Industry

Due to covid-19, the monitoring of people’s temperature can be fully automated with advanced thermal cameras reducing the manual scanning of people. Long range CCTV cameras are used for monitoring large mining areas.

Business Parks

An ongoing presence with cameras, electric fencing, alarm systems and armed response reduces crime within business parks. 

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Schools & Colleges

Various benefits exist within the continuous monitoring of classrooms and school building that ensures the safety of children and students.

CBD Shops

Within high traffic areas among shops in busy CBD areas, our services have proven to be highly effective for small shop owners.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals are benefiting from various services ranging from access control to on-site security and CCTV monitoring of critical areas including high care wards.

Shopping Centers

Our services for shopping centers include on-site security guards as well as managing car guards within parking areas. We help to provide a safe shopping experience for shoppers.

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Old Age Homes protected by CSS Security
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Old Age Homes

We make sure that the elderly are kept safe when they cannot defend themselves. Te ensure safety we provide on-site guards, panic buttons in all the rooms and cameras where required.

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