Do you have an offsite monitoring solution?

Is your security solution integrated across technology and field teams?

Our commercial and residential solutions include offsite monitoring, surveillance cameras, biometric access, turnstiles, alarm systems, electric fences, automatic monitored gates, emergency services and more for your security solution.

Do you have an offsite monitoring solution?
Offsite monitoring is key to quickly identifying potential threats before deploying response teams. If beams or intelligent CCTV cameras are triggered, we can quickly identify the scale of the threat and counter measures that need to be taken to protect your assets and people.

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Our state-of-the-art offsite monitoring station and team are they key to identifying potential threats or emergency situations. We can respond faster than ever before. We work with EMS responders and can dispatch teams in under 60 seconds.

Offsite monitoring is excellent for large areas, industrial sites, big buildings, factories and more. We monitor hundreds of sites across Klerksdorp and surrounding towns and farms. We can integrate with many CCTV brands to do the monitoring. We also have solutions for medium enterprises, neighbourhoods, and small holdings. How can we help you improve your guarding and security needs?

How big is your commercial entity and is it secure?

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Is the security company your business uses cost effective, well-resourced, and proactive?

If you are looking for a cost-effective, turnkey security solution to protect your business, your assets and your people, talk to us. We go the extra mile for you.

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